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I’m a one man band, so you will always be speaking directly to the creative behind the design!

Branding & Design

Could your company need a new image? I specialise in publication design (well thats what my degree tells me anyway).


Cute character designs are my forté! Don’t believe me? Let me have a change to prove you wrong.

about Jorden


What The Heck!

Hey, I’m Jorden! As you can probably tell I am just a young designer that is still reliving his childhood through the anime Pokemon. I love my orange hat way to much and I live on the east coast of the beautiful Australia! As an fresh 21 year old I may been new to the industry but that means nothing when it comes to experience.

I would love to hear from you for any design inquires as thats what I do best! Thanks for stopping by.




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  • Email: jordentually@gmail.com