My name is Jorden & welcome to my goofy life!

My name is Jorden and I am an energetic kid from Australia! I have spent the last few years jumping around the world exploring the beautiful landscapes nature has to offer, on the tightest budget possible! I am a huge believer that anyone can travel if they put there mind to it, the past few years I have only earned $5000 and have managed to travel abroad up to 8 months of the year!!!

I’mΒ graphic designer by trade graduating with a university degree at the end of 2014, yeah thats right! Im not just a pretty face, I am a pretty face with a $40,000 educationΒ debt that I don’t plan on paying off anytime soon..haha!Β Just wait until running from my responsibilities catches up to me and I am working 2 jobs to put food in my belly. But in all seriousness I am just a goofy guy that has a passion for nature, travel and people! I hope you enjoy my website as I share my world with you via my Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and of course HERE on my pretty little slice of the internet.

My goal is to share my energetic personality through my social media channels in hope to get you excited about seeing the world and all it has to offer!

Thanks for stopping by, drop a comment and let me know where you are from! πŸ™‚

Newcastle, Australia

I am a world traveler who documents and shares my unique perspective on the destinations I visit. Travel is my passion and video captures that spirit. I want my viewers to feel and believe that the world is their's to explore. I do this without big budgets which makes my travel even more real, unscripted, appreciated, and experienced at ground level.